Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition 2012

I have been asked to be the lead Designer for Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition for the United Way Ottawa again this year and the plans are now under way.

The Lucky Recipient this year will be The Foster Family Farm House Homework club located at 1085 Ramsey Cres, Unit 334 Ottawa.

The Foster Farm House is a Community house * acts as a resource centre where a variety of services and activities are offered. One of those resources is a homework club for kids.

A typical day at the Homework Club goes like this:
The children come in at 5:30 and usually start their homework and request assistance if needed.  Some of the children go into the computer room to do research for reports or projects.  They usually have a snack about 30 minutes into the program which is provided through Kick start program from the Ottawa food bank.  As we know that a hungry child is distracted and not focused so a healthy snack is important. 
The children then return to homework and support from our homework club staff.  Our staff speak English, French, Arabic and Somali.  The children will sometimes ask for additional work to practice math etc. if they are finished their own assignments.  Parents come and pick up the children and talk to the workers at 7:30 the program is finished.  The program runs 3 days a week for 2 hours each night with 30 children using this homework club at any given time.
This year once again I invited my dear friends who are also terrific designers to help me make this happen.

EMKE Design Team:

From left to right
And joining the EMKE team this year is Sarah Kidder of Sarah Kidder Design (not shown in Photo)
We are pleased to say that D.E. Kinkade Konstruction LTD who was our our supplier of both Labour and martial has signed up to join us again.
All the photography for EMKE 2012 has generously been donated once again this year by Danielle Lynn Photography
To see posts on last years makeover click on the links below
The process
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If you would like to be a sponsor for Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition 2012 pf the Foster Family Farm Homework Club please email or call
Sonya Kinkade at or 613-838-5252

Watch Sonya on CTV Morning Live talk about Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition


Here is a list of items we need to complete this makeover. If there is anything on the list you can help us with please contact 613-838-5252

What we need!
  • Wall shelves
  • Memo peg boards
  • Large clock
  • Small wall mounted TV and VCR
  • Office supplies
  • school supplies
  • Window shades
  • Durable flooring
  •  air conditioning
  • Track lighting
  • Lumber and supplies
  • Colourful chairs for kids


  1. Wow, the ball is really rolling now! This year's project is off to a great start - looking forward to spreading the kindness again this year :-)


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