Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Small but Mighty!!


This small bathroom was part of a full house renovation of a somewhat small bungalow. There were two bathrooms in the home, one small powder room off the back of the house and this small main bath. The picture shown is after the bathroom was gutted. There was an existing pedestal vanity, bath/shower combination and a toilet...that is it.

sonya 029



Beside the bathroom was a small linen closet I was able to relocate in another area of the home leaving us the option to knock through the wall and closing up the linen closet door. This allowed us to have enough space to add both a stand up shower and a bathtub.

sonya 028



We now had a fairly large walk in shower where there was none. To add interest to the shower without the price tag I added different tiles laid in an interesting format. For interest on the floor, instead of using your typical 2 x 2 tile I used a small mosaic with interesting colour combinations for texture. The main wall tile was a 12 x 24 tile and to add interest I added two banding's of mosaic tile in between.




Continuing the tile from the shower, I used it around the tub area taking a fairly average tub to a new level.




I accented the small window above with a beautiful soft Roman shade to bring softness where there wasn't. A small burlap stool was used as a spot to sit or hold a cup of tea while enjoying a long soak. The burlap also added a new texture to the room.





There was still not a large enough space for a large vanity to hold everything, so I had a shelf installed above the tub where you could keep your bath items, as well as giving that area the finishing touch it needed.




Because we saved money in various areas on this project with sale items and box store stock items we were able to top the wood vanity with Crema Marfil marble that complimented the tile in the shower and tub surround nicely. We were also able to top with a large goose neck faucet with white porcelain Hot and cold symbols on the handles.




For the vanity I wanted something that would warm up the space and create drama even though it was small in scale. What better way to do it then with a solid oak, antiqued finished French Empire vanity that I found on sale. I added a gorgeous mirror in the same finish with metal detailing that topped it off nicely. Art work was added for a splash of colour and this bathroom owns up to its name...Small but Mighty!




  1. Beautiful Sonya! Love all the beautiful little details.

  2. Really, really pretty. I love the idea of mixing the tiles and adding the banding. The vanity and mirror are gorgeous!


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