Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vacation of a lifetime

In August of this year my husband and I will be embarking on a journey that I have dreamed of my entire life. I have been on only 2 real vacations in my lifetime ( not including Florida with my children) one was my Honeymoon and the other was 13 years ago before my first child was born. Sure I have been on weekend trips with my sweetheart and a long weekend in New York city a few years ago,  but nothing of this magnitude…ever.
My Dream has always been as far back as I can remember to go to Tuscany, and on my Anniversary this year my husband surprised me with that dream…..we were going to Tuscany for 3 weeks on a trip of a lifetime.
It has taken me a long time to come up with an Itinerary that I thought would fulfill the dream…..a lot of painstaking hours went into my planning as I was so afraid of making a mistake. Today I finished it! follow me as I share where my journey will take me…..

We land in Florence and drive to a beautiful little gem of a villa that sits on top of a hill in San Gimignano called Guardastelle We stay here from Aug 27-Sept. 3


Beautiful location in the Tuscan countryside, yet a short drive from San Gimignano























We then drive to Venice and stay at the Ruzzini Palace Hotel.  Ruzzini Palace Hotel is superbly located in campo Santa Maria Formosa, at the very heart of the historic center of Venice.


Guests of Ruzzini Palace Hotel have the privilege of experiencing a setting that celebrates the aristocratic period of Venice, enhanced by modern luxury and charm


Rialto Bridge Grand Canal Venice Italy

Ruzzini Palace Hotel

Ruzzini Palace Hotel


Ruzzini Palace Hotel





















Back to the countryside we will go to the other side of Tuscany in the beautiful area of Cortona and stay for 5 days at a sweet little villa called Villa Petrischio


Villa Petrischio is in the heart of Tuscany. The Villa was built in the 18th century on the highest hill of Farneta, which is a little village ten miles away from Cortona. Villa Petrischio is surrounded by three hectares of park with secular pines and cypresses . Enchanting landscapes of Valdichiana surround the Villa. A long time ago the Villa belonged to the family of Count Lambardi, now the new owners have changed it in to a charming and elegant four star Relais.

Relais Villa Petrischio, Cortona, ItalyRelais Villa Petrischio, Cortona, Italy











From there we travel to a hotel set on a cliff-top overlooking the Bay of Naples in Sorrento the Stunning Parco dei Principi hotel .

While there we can visit Museo Coreale di Terranova set in an 18th century palace and featuring some of the rich artwork of the region including mosaics, archeological collections and paintings.
We may also want to experience the dormant volcano at Mount Vesuvius, renowned for its destruction of the city of Pompei in ancient times.



Our last visit will be Rome where we will be staying at the gorgeous Capo D’Africa hotel for our last 3 day in Italy.

The Capo D’Africa features Contemporary design within a beautiful early 20th century building. It is located Under the shadow of the Colosseum, located in the heart of Imperial Rome. 


Hotel Capo d'Africa, Rome, Italy

Hotel Capo d'Africa, Rome, ItalyHotel Capo d'Africa, Rome, Italy

Photo Capo d'Africa










    • Well that's it! this will be our Journey staring August 27 2011. I hope all the decisions I have made are the right one……but seriously I`m going to Italy ….is there possibly a wrong decision?


    Friday, May 13, 2011



    Colour has the ability to create a mood when using it in a space. It has the power to inspire you, energize you or it may simply calm and comfort the soul.

    I have put together a few colour palettes that I hope will inspire you try try them in your home. And thank you to the very talented designers who I have featured on my blog today.


    Neutral Colour Palette

    Although we see the world in colour, the neutral colour palette does not have to be bland and boring. Neutrals ,although subtle in nature will have hints of yellows, blues, greens and greys. Make sure you bring lots of texture into the space and layer, layer, layer for added interest. A neutral palette is a very soothing oasis in your space. It will create a sense of serenity.


    clay beigeHorizengreynovember skiessimplywhite



    Examples of a Neutral Palette applied in a space

    Compliments of : Carol Reed Interior Design Inc





    Earthy Colour Palette

    The Earthy colour palette is an introduction of organic hues from the earth into your home. These colours create a sense of warmth and comfort to your space.  Earthy hues are a great compliment to a rustic interior but are never to masculine or feminine .


    oakwood manorgold rushsagecimarron





    Examples of an Earth Toned palette applied in a space

    Compliments of:  Corea Sotropa Interior Design






    Soft Colour Palette

    If you want a room that is crisp and fresh,  then the soft colour palette is for you. Pair this palette with silver toned accessories, wainscoting , crisp white linen upholstery and clean white trim.  Think Spring and Summer!!


    hancock greenblue hydrangiafiltered sunlighttouch of grey




    Examples of an Soft Colour palette applied in a space

    Compliments of:  Sarah Richardson Design







    Saturated colour Palette

    Using saturated colours in your home is something most people would not dream of attempting but using bold colour is a great adventure and worth the plunge. using this palette will instantly create drama in a space by filling it with the rich hues . Remember, whatever bold colours you choose to use or paint, balance them with lighter elements in the trim, accent or floor coverings.


    cabernetguacamole greenpeatmossphilipsburgblue




    Picture below courtesy of Benjamin Moore



    Design by Ian Stallings courtesy of Decorati


    Don't be afraid to bring colour into your life and watch the magic unfold……




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