Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition

As most of you are aware, I am working on a project for Kindness Week Ottawa with the United Way Ottawa and The Yummy Mummy Club.

This campaign will focus on making over the Good Companions Seniors' Center, located in the heart of downtown Ottawa. The scope of the project was to redo their entrance and reception area.

I would like to introduce you to the wonderful people and companies who have made this all possible. Please take the time to check out their websites as they have taken the time to help our community with their acts of kindness.

The Designers of Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition:
  1.         Sonya Kinkade –         Sonya Kinkade Design
  2.        Lisa Goulet –               Lisa Goulet Design
  3.        Kelly James –               Jax D├ęcor
  4.        Donna Hargrove –       dh Designs     
  5.        Nicole Duguay -           Solace Interiors
  6.     Maureen Coates -       MODECOR   
  7.        Mary Anne van Gaal - Otta Decorate! 
For their Generous Donations to Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition:
                        D.E. Kinkade Konstruction LTD - Donation off all labour and all materials 
The following Donators listed above do not have websites. The can be reached at:
- Brent Kelly Painting: 613-229-8665

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    1. YAY to all the great people and companies who have donated their time, services, and products. We couldn't do this project without them all!

      And thank you Sonya for including me in this amazing project :-)


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