Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kitchen Renovations

So you’re planning a new kitchen the single most important room in any home. The task will be exciting and daunting at the same time. The process can be overwhelming but so rewarding when you get the kitchen of your dreams. Here is the can be expensive especially when you make costly mistakes. Here are a few ideas and options for you to consider when making the leap into the unknown.

Option 1: Complete Kitchen Renovation

This will be the most expensive option of all but oh so satisfying when it is completed. Depending on the scale of the Renovation you may be removing/adding walls, adding new windows, tearing up old flooring and adding new. Demolition of old cabinetry, counter tops, backsplash to make way for new. You will need professional help from an Interior Designer, decorator or kitchen Designer to help you with the layout of the space. You will have electrical and plumbing to do and measurements of surfaces to be taken. You will need to choose such things as paint/wallpaper for the walls, counter tops, backsplash, flooring, sinks, faucets, lighting and fixtures, window treatments, appliances if buying new, and Cabinetry with hardware.

 Option #1 complete Reno
BEFORE & AFTER of a complete kitchen Renovation with removal of wall. Renovation by Sonya Kinkade Design. Contractor D.E Kinkade Konstruction LTD.

Option 2: Kitchen Reno without Custom Cabinetry

This is a less expensive option then #1 but will give you a polished look. By using store bought cabinetry you have less options then custom but when dressed up with custom detailing can fool the eye into thinking you have spend a fortune. Make sure you choose your finishes wisely and put your money where it counts on such things as counter tops and backsplash.

 Option # 2 Reno WITHOUT Custom Cabinetry
The pictures above show a kitchen finished with store bought cabinetry and (Ikea) that has custom finishes. Kitchen designed by Sarah Richardson from the portfolio at 

Option 3: Kitchen Update without complete Reno

This option will be the best bang for your buck as they say. You will keep the footprint of your kitchen the same. There will be no removing of walls or windows. You will keep your existing cabinetry and have it sprayed in an updated paint lacquer of your choice. If the doors on you current cabinetry are dated and you do not care for them that’s Ok, you can order new doors to be made and have them finished to replace the old. Add new hardware to the doors for the jewellery of the space. You then should change your counter top and add an updated backsplash this will bring high impact into a dated kitchen. New sinks and faucets can be added, but not necessary if the one you have is in good shape. Adding new and updated lighting fixture will beef up the WOW factor.

Option # 3 Kitchen update 
That is a whole different kitchen , it looks like a very expensive custom kitchen , with a beadboard backsplash. Pictures courtesy of Just Beachy Blog

Options 2 3 can all be done with the help of your local IKEA or Home Depot Stores. They both have cabinetry options, hardware, counter top options, back splash, flooring, appliances’, sinks and faucets, lighting. You can get paint and accessories It’s a one stop shop for your Kitchen renovating needs.
With all of this, no matter what option you choose hiring an Interior Designer or Decorator can help with the all aspects of the Renovation. The will help to ensure the design process is a success with careful construction management. They will make sure the technical drawings and material specifications are carried out as intended. They will manage the project during the building process, and will monitor it on-site while the various trades complete their work. By having a designer manage the daunting process of a renovation and construction it will make the transition a much easier experience. They will ensure all work is done properly, by managing the construction and installation process.
If you do not need the full service of an an Interior Designer or Decorator, they can also simply assist you with sourcing and product choices. This will keep you from making costly mistakes in the end. My favorite motto “Do it right the first time”!

I hope with this information you can enter your journey into your Kitchen Renovation with confidence and be assured there is a gorgeous new kitchen in your future. It will be the kitchen of your dreams that will be charming and welcoming every time you enter it. Getting there will not be easy but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wine, Dine and Design...who could ask for more

OK, so for many years now I have been wanting to follow Kimberley Seldon on her fabulous journey on her Design Express tours but could never seem to make it happen. This year the tour is taking their guests right in our own backyard in the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario. I am so happy to say that this time I am on board for the ride. Kimberley has us staying at the gorgeous Oban Inn and Spa Nestled in the heart of the historic Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, a few minutes walk to all theaters and attractions, the Oban Inn is a historic property officially designated as a significant heritage resource. The Town's first and original country inn overlooks Lake Ontario and the oldest golf course in Canada. This landmark property was built as a private home in 1824 by Captain Duncan Milloy of Oban, Scotland. For the love of friends and food, Captain Milloy opened his home to all his guests. Fine hospitality began at The Oban Inn and guests form all over the world return generation after generation. A devastating fire on Christmas Day 1992 completely destroyed the Inn, leaving only the foundation. Re-created as an exact replica of the former Inn, The Oban Inn again opened its doors in November 1993, proudly welcoming guests back to its grace and understated charm.

In 2006, the Inn underwent a significant transformation while at the same time maintaining the integrity of its long tradition of a warm and welcome hospitality. Today, the Inn features 26 well-appointed guestrooms, the gastronomic restaurant, and a tranquil, personalized, full service OSpa - a unique facility dedicated to the health, well-being and vitality of our guests where the philosophy and d├ęcor are in harmony, forming a peaceful mood of Sun, Moon, Earth and Water. Our state-of-the-art exercise room has a view of our lush, mature gardens, outdoor hot spring/spa and infinity lap pool.

If you can swing it come take the Design Express ride with us........Wine, Dine & Design...could you ask for more.

Design Express Niagara

Oban Inn & Spa     
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