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Yesterday, Saturday the 25th of February was the “REVEAL” of Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition 2012 at the Foster Family Farm House Homework Club for Kids. The day was everything I hoped it would be and more.

I was Surprised to see Michael O`Byrne host of CTV Ottawa's News at Noon there but assumed he was there to cover the story of the Extreme Makeover……I was wrong.

Michael was there to present me with the United Ways Community Builder Award.

I was overwhelmed and speechless but so very happy to receive it. Michael had a wonderful speech for me and I wanted to share it with you.

Good Morning, Everyone.

I`m Michael O`Byrne, host of CTV Ottawa`s News at Noon and a member of United Way Ottawa`s volunteer recognition team.

United Way is all about building community. One of the things that we like to do is recognize people who have made a real difference in the lives of others through their volunteerism and commitment to their community. These people truly demonstrate the ability to give, speak up and take action on the things that matter most to them. Today, we are here to honour Sonya Kinkade as an outstanding Community Builder.

As some of you know, this past week was Kindness week here in Ottawa. Kindness Week is a city wide initiative that encourages community members to choose to be kind and recognizes those who engage in everyday acts of kindness. For the past two years Sonya Kinkade has been a shining example of the kindness in action.

In her day job, Sonya is a formally trained Interior Decorator and Owner of Sonya Kinkade Design. With her keen sense for style and her attention to detail, Sonya can transform any space into something amazing. After hearing about Kindness Week, Sonya Decided to use her incredible talents to spread the kindness.

Last year Sonya launched Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition, a weeklong project that aims to redesign and makeover spaces for community agencies that wouldn`t normally be able to afford a makeover. Not only do they make the space beautiful, they make it much more functional. The first project that the Extreme Makeover team took on was the lobby at the Good Companions Seniors Centre. They took an institutional looking room and made it into a warm and inviting place for the staff and clients of the Good Companions Centre.

This year Sonya and the Extreme Makeover Team took on an even bigger challenge, here at the Foster Farm Community House. The Foster Farm Community House acts as a resource centre where a variety of services and activities are offered. One of those resources is a homework club for kids. Sonya saw a need for the kids to have the best possible learning environment and made this the focus of this year’s makeover. As we can all see Sonya and the Extreme Makeover team have hit it out of the park again this year, creating a beautiful and functional space that children will be enjoying for years to come.

What really makes the Extreme Makeover projects amazing, are that they wouldn't`t be possible without community involvement. They have ZERO budget, everything you see here today was donated by community members. One of Sonya`s biggest supporters has been her husband Daryl, not only has he been there to support her but his company D.E. Kinkade Konstruction LTD has donated an amazing amount of time and labour.

Sonya, it is my very great Pleasure to present you with a United Way Community Builder Award. The plaque reads: “Thank you for helping to build a stronger, healthier and safer community for all of us.”

United Way has a permanent display at City Hall, called the Community Builder Wall of Inspiration. Your name will be added to this display so that everyone will know the wonderful contribution you have made to this community for years to come. Congratulations!


Thank you to Everyone who was a part of the Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition 2012 Team. I received the award but you all played a part in making it happen and you make me look good. I love you all

“Coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together.”

The 2012 Dream Team:

The Designers

The Contractor

The Contributors




  1. It was a great project and a great reveal yesterday - and so exciting to watch you get the Community Builder Award! You did a fantastic job for the kids, and it was great being part of your team :-)

  2. Karen Colburn, Ottawa Valley KitchensFebruary 26, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    Congratulations Sonya! Thank you for your support of all of us :)


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