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Colour has the ability to create a mood when using it in a space. It has the power to inspire you, energize you or it may simply calm and comfort the soul.

I have put together a few colour palettes that I hope will inspire you try try them in your home. And thank you to the very talented designers who I have featured on my blog today.


Neutral Colour Palette

Although we see the world in colour, the neutral colour palette does not have to be bland and boring. Neutrals ,although subtle in nature will have hints of yellows, blues, greens and greys. Make sure you bring lots of texture into the space and layer, layer, layer for added interest. A neutral palette is a very soothing oasis in your space. It will create a sense of serenity.


clay beigeHorizengreynovember skiessimplywhite



Examples of a Neutral Palette applied in a space

Compliments of : Carol Reed Interior Design Inc





Earthy Colour Palette

The Earthy colour palette is an introduction of organic hues from the earth into your home. These colours create a sense of warmth and comfort to your space.  Earthy hues are a great compliment to a rustic interior but are never to masculine or feminine .


oakwood manorgold rushsagecimarron





Examples of an Earth Toned palette applied in a space

Compliments of:  Corea Sotropa Interior Design






Soft Colour Palette

If you want a room that is crisp and fresh,  then the soft colour palette is for you. Pair this palette with silver toned accessories, wainscoting , crisp white linen upholstery and clean white trim.  Think Spring and Summer!!


hancock greenblue hydrangiafiltered sunlighttouch of grey




Examples of an Soft Colour palette applied in a space

Compliments of:  Sarah Richardson Design







Saturated colour Palette

Using saturated colours in your home is something most people would not dream of attempting but using bold colour is a great adventure and worth the plunge. using this palette will instantly create drama in a space by filling it with the rich hues . Remember, whatever bold colours you choose to use or paint, balance them with lighter elements in the trim, accent or floor coverings.


cabernetguacamole greenpeatmossphilipsburgblue




Picture below courtesy of Benjamin Moore



Design by Ian Stallings courtesy of Decorati


Don't be afraid to bring colour into your life and watch the magic unfold……





  1. A really informative post Sonya, great tips and advice - I think you captured the different characteristics of the palettes beautifully. Thanks for including me! p.s. love the new look of your blog : )

  2. I love colour - I'm finding that the more colour I add to our house, the happier I feel in our house :-)

    Thanks for sharing four great colour palettes and the beautiful rooms that show them in action :-)

  3. Thank you, and thanks for letting me use you beautiful pics carol


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