Monday, November 29, 2010

Delights of the Season

Christmas, Just the mention of it brings such fond memories to me.  I can almost feel myself sitting on top of the stairs with my sister and brothers on Christmas morning smelling the aroma of my Mothers freshly brewed coffee, hearing the radio playing the littlest Angel and all the rustling around in out little kitchen.

We would have to wait on those stairs (and it seemed like forever) until my Mother would say "OK, come on down Santa was here" Her voice I here still in every decoration I lay out, in every cookie I bake and in every kiss I give my children. Christmas will never be the same without her but I try to bring the same comfort and memories to my children as she did for us.....she, is a tough act to follow.

Decorating my house at Christmas is a big deal for me. We never had any riches growing up but my Mother could make something out of nothing and the house was always beautiful. There was never a corner that was overlooked. She would have beautiful little vignettes set around with things she had collected for years. She always decorated on the first weekend of December and I can see her puttering now and singing with her carols in her beautiful voice. My Mother sang like an angel.

I have started decorating my home and I have decorated a business for this Holiday season and would like to share some pictures and give a little advice along the way.  While you view the pictures, I have posted my Mothers favorite Christmas Carol (and mine) "I heard the Bells on Christmas Day"  below this post listen and Enjoy!

1- Groupings: We like to collect Christmas decorations each year, sometimes its Santa's, tree ornaments, table ornaments, whatever it may be it is a good idea to group them in vignettes on a table or a little corner of the room to add interest. Try not to spread throughout the house as this can get to repetitive and gimmicky

2-Urns: When decorating your exterior entry way of your home or business having large dark urns on either side of the door is always a nice touch. Be sure to make them as full as possible, don't skimp on greenery, you need to produce a WOW factor. Make sure you add several different types of greenery in various shapes and colours. Try adding Birch to the center for a exit from all the green.

3- Entry ways: It's not all about whats outside your door during the holidays. Make your guests feel right at home as soon as they come in the door. Decorate a small entry table, add candles for parties maybe leading up stairs. Greenery and lights.

4- Mantels: I always save my favorite things for my mantel. The best greenery I can find. I get the top of the line greenery Christmas specific and then add just your typical everyday greenery for interest. Remember to mix the shades and textures of the greenery. I rarely use a garland on the mantel put instead use the different greenery sprigs in different shapes and shads to create your masterpiece.

5-Dining Table: One of the biggest mistakes people make is to decorate all around their homes but forget the dining table....or just throw a little arrangement on it that just goes unnoticed. This is a big mistake as it it the perfect spot to create visual focal point. I like to use silver containers filled with artificial or real greenery keeping in mind the rule of different shades and textures. I use many different types of glass or silver candle holders in different heights and forms. 


6-Antiques: This is one of my favorite things to use during the holidays. Look for vintage cards, carol books, & ornaments and use in a vignette or to decorate your tree. Look for old paned windows or a hollow frame and hang on the wall with a boxwood wreath hanging on it. Skates and skis are great for a bare corner and Children toys and books make a great display.

Here are some more pictures to grab your ideas from

 All pictures and Designs Sonya Kinkade Design

 Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. What a beautiful place you have, Sonya! Absolutely wonderful!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Beautiful Sonya! Thanks for sharing your Christmas pictures and decorating tips :-)

    I know how hard it is to celebrate Christmas without your mom. It's never the same, but I guess it's chance to try some new traditions that you can mix with the old ones.

    I listened to the song while I was reading your post, and it ended just when I read the last line - perfect timing :-)


  3. So beautiful Sonya! I'm sure your Mom is looking down and smiling at you and your family!

    P.S. I had that same branch in my hand at Homesense - looks great!

  4. Great Christmas post Sonya. Can smell all the garland from here. Your decorations are perfect for your country setting and family. Your mother would be proud.

  5. Great post ... brought a tear to my eye ... it's lovely that you make time to get into the season ... your children WILL remember and appreciate it, just like you did ... Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Lovely Sonja. May you be filled with love this Christmas as you remember your Mom and celebrate with your own traditions. I agree with Sharon, your kids will remember these times and cherish them just as you have. xo Nyla

  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone xoxo

  8. Beautiful post and pictures Sonya! Your home looks perfectly decorated for a memorable family Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday!

  9. It,s beautiful Sonya warm cozy inviting you just want to be there cuddled up with your family. Bette will be there as always filled with pride. Love you Sonya Aunt Dawn

  10. Lovely! the vintage red train would make a BIG hit with my 4 year old!

    Merry Christmas!!!


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