Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In The Words of my Mother

The most beautiful words I have ever heard were from my mother. They would be read and treasured by me whether they were within a card, a note, a letter, a story or just simply words that were said in passing and are still floating within my mind. She was the most beautiful, smart, talented caring person I have ever or will ever know.

My Mom always wanted to be a writer and in her late years even started taking courses on writing and enjoyed them immensely.My Mother passed away in 2002 from Ovarian cancer and never got to see those dreams come alive but her words and voice still sing in my ears are are just to beautiful to not share.
I have decided to devote a section of my blog just for her. I will post different things she has written over the years that I found inspiring and beautiful...some are from her journal and some are just from scrapes of paper .....big or small I will write it and I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

A Perfect Day (from her Journal)

There would be warm sun on my face all day & just enough breeze to bring the sweet smell of my flowers to my nose or the fragrance of my freshly washed laundry blowing & flipping on the clothes line.
I would be at home amongst all the personal treasures of my days here on this beautiful earth.

I would have prepared in my head all the meals for the day and be satisfied that they will be as imagined & good.

 I would sit out from time to time with a book, though probably not read but instead listen to the voices, inside of the people whom I love, whose love in turn sustains me & warms me past knowing.

I would listen to all the hustle & noise around me of life going on, being lived as God intended.... and every now & then a little chorus of birds & chipmunks & crickets would punctuate the message of Peace & Hope & Home.

I would water my flowers & smell them & if I’m really to have a complete & perfect day, over the air or around the corner will come the words that sooth my soul....”Hi Mom, Hi Nan or Hi Bette....that’s me, just me.....

Written by Bette McClelland-Thompson (Mom)

I recorded this song for Moms Funeral  ...from me with love Mom


  1. LeAnne (ellestudio)August 3, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    This brought tears to my eyes Sonia. What a lovely person she was and how wonderful for you to have had her in your life.
    So beautiful.

  2. Thanks LeAnne, She can now be heard....it' never to late

  3. So touching Sonya! I'm sending you a big hug!

  4. Beautiful song, Sonya and your Mom was a beautiful person - both inside & out.


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