Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's Your Style in One Picture Challenge

A friend of mine Kelly from Design Ties has sent out a challenge on Twitter to fellow designers that she heard of from Ally at From The Right Bank. This is Ally's third round of  What’s Your Style in One Picture Challenge. The challenge is to post one picture that sums up your design style.

Now this was a tricky one for me as I love so many styles and trying to nail it down to one was hard. But I always come back to this style of Farmhouse/ cottage style of decorating. The combination of the fresh walls and light furniture combined with the harder elements of the stone fireplace and the wood detailing always make me stop in my tracks and make my heart go pitter pat! I would live in this space in a heartbeat.

This Beautiful space was a within the walls of a Stone Country home that was transformed into a family   getaway that Sarah Richardson designed for a client on Design Inc.


  1. Beautiful room!! I'm with you, love the combination of wood & stone with the softer elements :-) And I have thing for lantern chandeliers :-)


  2. There have been several Sarah Richardson rooms entered in the challenge so far and this is another great one. Thanks so much for participating in my challenge!


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