Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do's and Don'ts of Decorating

Decorating your home can be a little daunting for someone who has never done it before, but the exercise is well worth the time spent. You do not need to be a designer to decorate your space. Before you start on your home, go through design magazines and start collecting the pictures that you like. Shortlist the colors and textures that you like. Take a fresh look at what you have. Once you understand what kind of style appeals to you, take stock of the furniture you have. Decide what stays, what goes and what needs an overhauling.

Keep the following rules in your mind and you will be able to change your home so it looks like a page right out of designer book.


Do pick a signature piece to work around. It can be a beautiful piece of furniture, a fabric, an area rug, a picture or a piece of pottery. The item should dictate the color scheme of the room as well as the style and mood you wish to create.

Do identify the focal point of the room. It may be a fireplace, a painting, a work of art, even a bed or an armoire.

Do purchase large elements first (rugs, draperies, upholstered furniture) and coordinate all other styles and colors around these major pieces.

Do use various textures; touch is very important. The sofa and drapes can all be the same color yet look different just by changing some of the textures.

Do use neutrals on the walls. It makes the home look timeless, classy and open. Use same color palate throughout the house as it will give a sense of flow.

Do use the principle of repetition when planning shapes, colors, fabrics, and patterns. One red accent in a room may look like an afterthought whereas several red accents here and there will contribute to the color scheme.

Do buy furniture with clean classic lines. It will always be in style. However, you can mix styles, periods, and pieces of furniture.

Do personalize your space by keeping things that you love, things that make you happy.

Do buy the best quality fixtures and products. These fixtures are going to last a long time, maybe for generations. Spending money on good quality will save you headache and money down the line.

Do make a lot of storage. It will help you keep the house organized and clutter free.

Do keep a lot of plants inside the house and remember to tend to them. Not only do they improve air quality in the house, they also give it a fresh look, they are the most natural and inexpensive decorative items you can buy.

Do upgrade the lighting in the house. Keep lamps in the living room. Recessed lighting will take the look of your room from common to classy.


Don’t have any clutter in the house. Just by de-cluttering the house you can make it more livable, spacious. Do not keep family pictures all around the living room. The hall is a better place for them.

Don’t use artificial flowers anywhere in the house (not even in the bathroom). They look cheap and tacky. Instead go out and break some twigs and put them in the water. One real flower is classier than a bunch of artificial flowers.

Don’t try to match everything.

Don’t forget to consider lighting. It is the most important factor in the house.

Don’t buy everything from the same store. Take your time and instead of matching, coordinate.

Canadian Home Trends Magazine


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!!

    Good list of dos and don'ts. I think I follow most of them!!


  2. Thanks Kelly, I'm flying by the seat of my pants!

  3. Great post Sonya -- and welcome to blogging!

  4. Great Job Sonya! It looks great - you know maybe we should of thought of combining our blogs so it would only be half the work....

  5. Beautiful work! I love this combining work idea-I am trying to catch my breath running two blogs and a full time practice!

  6. Sonya, love your site and would really love to collaborate on a project with you! Great tips!


  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence Ladies! And Lisa finding the time is going to be hard.....not a bad idea :)

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  9. I love the W & C website they have some great stuff!

  10. I know, she has a lot of great things, couple of great chairs...Love them!

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